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lecture 5 - academicsuccess MACROMOLECULES AND THE...

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1 I pledge to exercise the discipline and practices appropriate to ensuring my academic success academic success. This was your pledge when joining UMassD MACROMOLECULES AND THE CHEMISTRY OF LIFE MACROMOLECULES AND THE CHEMISTRY OF LIFE Macromolecules are polymers Polymers Æ large molecules made of subunits ( poly = many, meros = part) Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins Nucleic acids Synthesis and break down of polymers Short polymer Unlinked monomer Dehydration removes a water molecule, forming a new bond Dehydration reaction in the synthesis of a polymer Longer polymer Water out Hydrolysis adds a water molecule, breaking a bond Hydrolysis of a polymer Water in Hydroxyl OH Carbonyl COH / HCO Carboxyl COOH Functional Groups of Organic Compounds: Amino NH 2 Sulfhydryl SH Phosphate PO 4 H 2
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2 Isomers and organic molecules Isomers Æ compounds Æ same molecular formula but different structures and properties : Structural isomers Æ different covalent arrangements of their atoms Geometric isomers Æ the same covalent partners but different spatial arrangements Enantiomers Æ
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