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ADMS 4551 Week 10 - Inventory Hillmart Retail Your client is Hillmart, a retail department store that purchases all goods directly form wholesalers or manufacturers. Select the most appropriate audit procedure from the list below and enter the number in the appropriate place on the grid. (An audit procedure may be selected once, more than once, or not at all). 1. Examine current vendor prices 2. Review drafts of the financial statements 3. Select a sample of items during the physical inventory count and determine that they have been included on count sheets. 4. Select a sample of recorded items on count sheets during the physical
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Unformatted text preview: inventory count and determine that items are on hand. 5. Review loan agreements and minutes of board of directors meetings. Specific Audit Objective Audit Procedure a. Ensure that the entity has legal title to inventory b. Ensure that recorded inventory quantities include all products on hand. c. Verify that inventory has been reduced, when appropriate, to replacement cost or net realizable value. d. Verify that the cost of inventory has been properly determined e. Verify that the major categories of inventory and their bases of valuation are adequately reported in the financial statements...
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