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Group Name ____________________________________________________ Group Members Present_________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ - Past Exam Question Lance Popper is a junior auditor with the accounting firm Dig and Deep, LLP. He recently discovered through a casual conversation with Betty Boone, another audit junior with Dig and Deep, that one of the firms’ clients has recently received complaints that its heart monitoring equipment was malfunctioning. The client, Cardio Monitoring Systems Inc (CMSI), called a meeting of the lawyers, auditors, and top management to discuss what to do about the complaints from health care facilities that had significantly increased in 2007 compared to other years. Doctors at these facilities claim the systems shut off for brief periods and, in one case, the hospital
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Unformatted text preview: was unable to save a patient who went into cardiac arrest. Lance wondered what he should do about the fact that Bass Lake Medical Centre (BLMC), his current audit client, planned to buy 20 units of CMSI hear monitoring equipment for its brand new medical facility in the outskirts of Bass Lake, Ontario. Twenty units represent a material amount for both BMLC and CMSI. Required (Parts a and b): a) Lance has not told anyone on the Bass Lake audit team about the situation at CMSI. What are his obligations under the ICAO Rules of Professional Conduct? What do you suggest he do? Why? (3 marks, 8 minutes) b) Assume the managing partner of Dig and Deep is made of aware of the problem of Bass Lake and CSMI. What is the ethical dilemma that the partner faces? What actions do you suggest the managing partner take and why? (5 marks, 12 minutes)...
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