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Tentative Class Schedule-Section A (Monday Classes) Topic Readings and Additional Materials Sep., 12 Chapter 1: Environment of Accounting Chapter 1, all pages Chapter 3: Comprehensive Review of Accounting Cycle Sep., 19 Case: AMR Cash--Accruals Articles: Levitt's speech; Creative Sep., 26 Chapter 7: Cash and Receivables Chapter 7, all pages Chapter 7: Note Receivables Oct., 3 Chapter 8: Inventory Chapter 8: pp368-375; pp377-394 Chapter 9: Inventory Special Valuation Issues (1) Oct., 10 Chapter 9: Inventory Special Valuation Issues (2) Chapter 9: pp422-433, pp434-444 Chapter 2: Conceptual Framework Chapter 2, all pages Oct., 17 Chapter 18: Revenue Recognition --Special Issues Chapter 18: Revenue Recognition --Long Term Contract Chapter 18: pp898-900; pp905-917; pp922-928 Oct., 24 Chapter 18: Revenue Recognition-- Long Term Contract Chapter 18; Chapter 18: Revenue Recognition-- Installment Sales Nov., 3 MIDTERM MIDTERM Nov., 7 Chapter 10: PPE--Acquisition and Disposal (1) M1-M40; Chapter 10: pp468-483; pp484-492; Chapter 11: Depreciation and Depletion Chapter 11: pp 512-524; pp 528-534; Nov., 14 Chapter 12: Intangibles Chapter 12 (all pages);
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This note was uploaded on 09/29/2011 for the course ACCT 3111 taught by Professor Zhang during the Spring '11 term at CUHK.

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classschedule-2011 - Tentative Class Schedule-Section...

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