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RTV+3405+Syllabus+-+Miles+Fall+2011-2 - Maridith(Mandy...

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Maridith (Mandy) Miles Weimer Hall G034 Office Hours: 4:00-5:00 Tuesday & 4:00-5:00 Thursday, and by appointment e-mail: [email protected] RTV 3405: TELEVISION AND AMERICAN SOCIETY Fall 2011 Class Meeting Times: Tuesday (10, 11): 5:10 - 7:05 pm & Thursday (10): 5:10 - 6:00 pm Required Textbook: R. J. Harris, A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communications , 5th edition (New York: Routledge, 2009). Classroom Policies: Classroom attendance is important. In addition to the textbook, classroom lectures, presentations, and audio/video materials will be covered in the examinations. To avoid disruptions to the class, please come to class on time and do not leave until the instructor dismisses class. When you come into the classroom, please turn off all cell phones or other electronic communication devices. Unless the instructor asks you to do so as part of an in-class activity or assignment, please do not talk to other students during class lectures and presentations. Grades: Grades will be based on four examinations, each worth 100 points. In each examination week, there will be two opportunities to take the exam. You may take each exam both times. Only your highest score will be counted. Please be aware that the second version in each examination week will not be identical to the first version. The two versions will cover the same material, but a portion of the questions on each exam will be different. Grades will NOT be available until both exams have been completed in an exam week. Because you will have two opportunities to take each examination, there will be no make-up exams . Grading Scale (in points) 370-400 A (4.0 Grade Points) 290-307 C (2.0 Grade Points) 360-369 A- (3.67 Grade Points) 280-289 C- (1.67 Grade Points) 348-359 B+ (3.33 Grade Points) 268-279 D+ (1.33 Grade Points) 330-347 B (3.0 Grade Points) 250-267 D (1.0 Grade Points) 320-329 B- (2.67 Grade Points) 240-249 D- (0.87 Grade Points) 308-319 C+ (2.33 Grade Points) Below 240 E
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