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Review for Exam 2 Chapter 11: Electrochemistry Section 11.1 – Galvanic Cells - Be able to define oxidation, reduction, oxidizing agent and reducing agent - Balance redox reactions using the half-reaction method - Galvanic cell o Know the definition of a galvanic cell o Know the components of a galvanic cell o Be able to write the half-reactions for galvanic cells o Know how to sketch a galvanic cell o Be able to identify the anode and cathode and know what occurs at each electrode - Be able to define cell potential and know what it represents - Know how to write line notation for electrochemical cells - Extra Exercises: 4.55, 4.59, 4.61, 4.63, 11.17, 11.19, 11.21 Section 11.2 – Standard Reduction Potentials - Know what a standard reduction potential represents - Know when and how to use standard reduction potentials - Use standard reduction potentials to write/calculate galvanic cells - Standard hydrogen electrode - Extra Exercises: 11.23, 11.25, 11.27, 11.29 Section 11.3 – Cell Potential, Electrical Work, and Free Energy - Relationship between cell potential, electrical work and free energy - Calculate the maximum amount of work in a cell o Review section 10.12 for relationship between free energy and maximum useful work - Cell potential related to free energy difference between reactants and products in the cell - Predict spontaneity of an electrochemical cell - Extra Exercises: 11.35, 11.37, 11.41, 11.43 Section 11.4 – Dependence of the Cell Potential on Concentration - Know how to calculate E cell
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info_Exam_2_Review - CHEM 152A Autumn 2010 Review for Exam...

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