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CHEM 152A – Autumn 2010 Review of material covered since Exam 2 Chapter 12 – Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Theory Section 12.10 – Electron Spin and the Pauli Principle - Define the fourth quantum number, electron spin quantum number (m s ) and know the allowed values for m s - Be familiar with the Pauli exclusion principle Section 12.11 – Polyelectronic Atoms - Understand how the quantum mechanical model is expanded to include polyelectronic atoms - Be familiar with the concept of effective nuclear charge Section 12.13 – The Aufbau Principle and the Periodic Table - Understand how to apply the aufbau principle to show how the electrons are arranged in the atomic orbitals of various atoms - Be able to draw an orbital diagram and fill it in appropriately for the given atom or ion - Understand and be able to apply Hund’s rule when filling in atomic orbitals - Be able to write shorthand notation for electron configurations - Know the difference between core and valence electrons - Be familiar with the patterns in electron configurations for the same group of elements - Know the electron configurations for Cr and Cu - Know the order in which the atomic orbitals are filled for all periods and rows in the periodic table - Know the names of the different regions of the periodic table - Extra Exercises: 12.63, 12.67, 12.69, 12.71, 12.73, 12.77, 12.79 Section 12.14 – Further Development of the Polyelectronic Model - Be familiar with the concepts of the penetration effect and electron shielding Section 12.15 – Periodic Trends in Atomic Properties
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info_Review_of_Material_Since_Exam_2 - CHEM 152A Autumn...

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