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HIST_225 Assign 1

HIST_225 Assign 1 - 1 Deng Olivia Deng Sarah Fried Gintis...

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Olivia Deng Sarah Fried Gintis HIST-225 23 September 2011 This image on the right-hand side shows the fat man in a black suit and a tall hat (which was usually how most radical films portrayed capitalists) sitting with two workers, one of which is a child, begging him while other children toiling on the stairs. There is a giant dollar sign and another smaller one on the barrel, suggesting that the capitalist forces the under-aged workers to use their blood to work for him. The image focuses on brutal working conditions, oppressive exploitation and provokes anger among its viewers by giving capitalists disturbing and hateful physical appearances, which forced wage earners into actions. I think this is the condemnation of the entire capitalist system.While the previous image seems to be a bit dramatized, the one on the left-hand side is more realistic. It shows viewers the frightened and sorrowful faces of the under-aged girls, sympathetic to the collective plight of workers. It also reveals the potential violence in the workplace faced by the young girls. The image also
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