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chem18 - Leed[ll Chloride Leed(ll Bromide Leed[ll Iodide...

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Unformatted text preview: Leed[ll) Chloride Leed(ll) Bromide Leed[ll) Iodide Iron(lll) Fluoride Iron(lll) Chloride Iron(lll) Bromide Iron(lll) Iodide Cobaltflll) Fluoride Cobaltllll) Chloride Cobaltflll) Bromide Cobaltflll) Iodide Niokelflll) Fluoride Niokelflll) Chloride Niokelflll) Bromide Niokelflll) Iodide Tin[lV) Fluoride Tin(lV) Chloride PbCl2 PbBr2 F'bl2 Fe F3 FeCl3 FeBr3 Fel3 CoF3 CoCI3 CoBr3 Col3 NiF3 NiCl3 NiBr3 Ni|3 Sn F4 SnCl4 ...
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