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API Lab, practical 1 A&P 1 Checklist for Practical 1 Integument (Model) Epidermis Dermis Dermal papilla Reticular layer Stratum basale Stratum spinosum Stratum granulosum Stratum corneum Hypodermis Arrector pili muscle Meissner’s corpuscle Bone Histology (Model) Osteon (Haversian system) Endosteum Periosteum Lacuna Volkmann's canal Lamellae Sharpey’s fibers Circumferential lamellae Interstitial lamellae Haversian canal Canaliculi Axial skeleton Vertebral column “Typical vertebra” Spinous process Transverse process Lamina (connects transverse process to spinous process) Pedicle Articular processes (sup. and inf.) Centrum (body) Vertebral foramen Cervical (7) Atlas (C1) Axis (C2) Transverse foramen (foramen transversarium) Odontoid process (C2) (dens)
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