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Compositionally Zoning the planets-Lecture 2

Compositionally Zoning the planets-Lecture 2 - -Density...

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Compositionally Zoning the planets: -Heat and increasing temperature has to do with the planetary composition and zoning. -Planetesimals= fragments/pieces of planets or dust. -Planets gained mass, increased pressure, heating due to kinetic energy. -Planet is also losing heat to space as it gains heat. -Heat moving toward the sun= radiation. -Solid planets conduct heat. Conduction=physical transfer of heat via atoms. -Initially when the earth was solid, the rate of heat loss was less than heat gain. The planet heated up, the gases became volatile, water vaporized, silicate minerals melted. -The instance the earth became molten, it cooled down immediately and solidified. -craters in moon, mars, etc.= evidence of accretion process. -Oxygenation of the earth’s atmosphere is byproduct of life, not because of accretion. -Meteorites=believed to show the original composition of the earth. -Metallic meteorites= Iron, nickel. -Chondritic meteorites= d=rocky, Fe-Mg Silicate.
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Unformatted text preview: -Density properties of the earth show relationship to the meteorites.-Magnetic properties of the earth are derived from the liquid portion of the metallic core.-Convection cells are generating magnetic field of the earth.-Solid inner iron nickel, and outer core is liquid.-Seismic data (earthquake waves, dynamite impact, etc. Two types:-Body waves= consist of p and s waves (primary and secondary waves, or compression and sheer waves (s)) P waves= fastest velocities, compresses and expands. S waves= intermediate waves. Sheers the waves. Cant sheer liquid or gas. S waves absorbed in liquids and gasses. -Surface waves= no need to focus until later.-Seismic wave velocity increases as density of material through which wave propagates. -Seismic waves move away from epicenter, P waves bent to interior of the earth. -Liquid slows down seismic waves through layers of the earth....
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Compositionally Zoning the planets-Lecture 2 - -Density...

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