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Soc Exam Review NCLB - comparison across states(but it is...

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Soc Exam Review No Child Left Behind No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Facts NCLB is a standards-based educational reform focused on “accountability” – on holding teachers, schools and students accountable for student learning NCLB is measures student learning through standardized testing 9 NCLB is based on a Texas education reform implemented under G. W. Bush’s governorship – there was no evidence that showed the Texas reform was effective before it was implemented on the federal level The actual NCLB document is 1000 pages long NCLB Mandates q Schools can opt out of NCLB if they do not want funding State Boards of Education can choose the standardized test they will use p Schools must test students every year 3 rd thru 8 th grade and once in HS. Schools must disaggregate scores so we can see how boy and girls compare and how students compare across income and race ( States must conduct another standardized test: the National Assessment of Educational Progress for a
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Unformatted text preview: comparison across states (but it is low stakes, not used in funding, and students don’t find out their score) Schools must create a timeline for how they will accomplish 100% proficiency by 2013-2014 Schools must make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) if they want to continue getting funding If a NCLB school does not make AYP… They are labeled SINI (school in need of improvement) and must… o 1 st year – be on notice o 2 nd year – give students the option to transfer and provide their transportation o 3 rd year – offer free tutoring to low income students o 4 th year – change curriculum, change staff, maybe go to longer school day and year o 5 th year – Restructure Consistently failing schools must restructure; they have 5 options: s Convert to charter school m Replace their staff . Relinquish control to private management c Turn over school to state control Restructure governance (90% of schools choose this because it’s ambiguous)...
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Soc Exam Review NCLB - comparison across states(but it is...

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