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ENG 310 Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Essay #2: Obedience to Authority Prompt:  The experiments of Asch, Milgram and Zimbardo show that people change  their behavior as a result of many influences. Based on the above readings and the  thoughts of Erich Fromm, write an essay in which you provide arguments to support this  view, that the tendency to change and conform is generally stronger than the tendency for  independence. Audience:  Write for  y our instructor/teaching assistants and classmates. Length:  Approximately 1000 words; 4 -5 pages (typed, 12 font, Times New Roman,  Top/Bottom 1” margins).  First Draft Due: Oct 28.  You should have at least two pages for the first draft Conferences:  Please sign up to meet with the instructor or TA  Final Draft Due: Nov 4.  You must submit all drafts that show your work.
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Unformatted text preview: Getting Started 1. First read the prompt and understand the essay topic. 2. Gather all your source material (readings, summaries, journals, DEJ, other notes). 3. Identify all the arguments (pros) and counterarguments (cons) for the issue 4. Use the graphic organizer to help you organize this information. 5. Write one or two sentence summaries of ideas you find from the readings. 6. Don't forget to write down page numbers of those ideas for citing in your paper and for entry in the reference page. 7. Create a working thesis (a thesis that you can change as you write) 8. Decide on the pattern of argumentation you would like to use. 9. Begin writing (use any method you like - e.g. freewriting, mapping, outlining etc.) 10. Continue drafting process. 11. Prepare a first draft for class....
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