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Enterprise Systems Chapter Introduction 9-1 An Overview of Enterprise Systems: Transaction Processing Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning 9-1a Traditional Transaction Processing Methods and Objectives 9-1b Transaction Processing Systems for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) 9-2 Transaction Processing Activities 9-2a Data Collection 9-2b Data Editing 9-2c Data Correction 9-2d Data Manipulation 9-2e Data Storage 9-2f Document Production and Reports 9-3 Control and Management Issues 9-3a Disaster Recovery Plan 9-3b Transaction Processing System Audit 9-4 Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship Management 9-4a An Overview of Enterprise Resource Planning 9-4b Advantages of ERP 9-4c Disadvantages of ERP Systems 9-4d ERP for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) 9-4e Business Intelligence 9-4f Production and Supply Chain Management 9-4g Customer Relationship Management and Sales Ordering 9-4h Financial and Managerial Accounting 9-4i Hosted Software Model for Enterprise Software 9-5 International Issues Associated with Enterprise Systems 9-5a Different Languages and Cultures 9-5b Disparities in Information System Infrastructure 9-5c Varying Laws and Customs Rules 9-5d Multiple Currencies 9-5e Leading ERP Systems Chapter Recap Print Chapter .. 1 of 53 4/4/11 5:58 PM
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Chapter Introduction PRINCIPLES LEARNING OBJECTIVES Information Systems in the Global Economy: Maporama, France Maporama Gains Ground Through New Enterprise System An organization must have information systems that support the routine, day-to-day activities that occur in the normal course of business and help a company add value to its products and services. Identify the basic activities and business objectives common to all transaction processing systems. Describe the transaction processing systems associated with the order processing, purchasing, and accounting business functions. Identify key control and management issues associated with transaction processing systems. A company that implements an enterprise resource planning system is creating a highly integrated set of systems, which can lead to many business benefits. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system. Identify the challenges multinational corporations must face in planning, building, and operating their TPSs. Based in Paris, France, Maporama is a world leader in developing location-based services for businesses. Maporama develops GPS-based systems that allow businesses to track mobile work forces, sales outlets, and competition. Maporama's Web site states that its custom-designed products "empower existing mission-critical applications or processes within an organization and display results enterprise-wide, as needed, via connected devices (computers, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.)" The company claims 500 customers supporting 26 languages on five continents, and boasts the most complete pan-European map coverage. Recently Maporama had a pressing need to gain tighter control over its global mobile workforce and associated customer
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