Phil_110-22_and_110-41_Final_Exam_Sheets - Critical...

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Unformatted text preview: Critical Thinking Final Exam INTRODUCTION This document comprises the information what will be important for the Critical Thinking Final Exam for Phil 110-22 and Phil 110-41 for the Fall 2010 Final Exam. The exams will occur during the following periods, in the classrooms where the classes have met all semester. Note that the time of the finals differs from the semesters times of the classroom meetings . Final Exam for Section 110-22: Tuesday, December 14, 8AM-10:30AM Final Exam for Section 110-41: Tuesday, December 14, 10:45AM-1:15PM The instructor will provide the following: Loose-leaf Paper. This paper MUST be used for the exam. Copies of this exam sheet. Clean copies of the Dr. King reading. Please, do not write on the copies of the reading. EXAM FORMAT Please answer the exam question you select in an essay format. That means that you will answer the question in the same format that you would use in writing a short paper for any course. However, remember (as we have discussed in class) that there will be no expectation that exam answers will include...
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This note was uploaded on 09/29/2011 for the course PHIL 110 taught by Professor Kay during the Spring '07 term at S.F. State.

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Phil_110-22_and_110-41_Final_Exam_Sheets - Critical...

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