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Notes, exam - • Exam duration 60 minutes • Open note...

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DS 212 Spring 2010 Midterm # 1 No make-up exam. Missed exams will count as a 0. Account for 20% of final grade. Chapter 1 (Introduction), Chapter 2 (Charts and Graphs), and Chapter 3 (Descriptive Statistics), Chapter 12 (Simple regression analysis and correlation) Only materials covered in classes will be on the exam. Approximately 30 questions. All multiple choices – select one of 5 choices.
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Unformatted text preview: • Exam duration: 60 minutes • Open note, open book suggest 1-2 summary sheets • Bring a basic calculator, a scantron, and some scrap papers. • You will be assigned a seat. The seating chart will be posted on the whiteboard. Please come on time or earlier to locate your seat. • There will be 3 versions of the exam. You must write the exam version number on your scantron paper....
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