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chapter, problem & case - San Francisco State University...

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San Francisco State University (Please carefully read this syllabus!) Finance 350(17) - Business Finance Spring 2011 Instructor: John Green Office: Science Building Room 312 e-mail:[email protected] Office Hours: Thursday 18:40 – 18:55 and 21:45 - 22:45 pm or by appointment. If you can’t come during scheduled office hours, please set up an appointment with me before or after class hours, by discussing with me sending me an e-mail. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss materials with the instructor and a time to meet will be arranged. Class Hours: Thursday 19:00– 21:45 pm Class Location: Business Room 222 Textbook : Arthur J Keown, John D. Martin, J. William Petty, David F. Scott, Jr. and, Foundations of Finance: The Logic and Practice of Financial Management , Prentice-Hall, 7th Edition, 2010 (KMPS) Calculator: It will be necessary for you to have a financial calculator. Suggested models are those by Hewlett-Packard Model 10 or the Texas Instrument BA 11 plus Financial Calculator. These are worth having and you will probably use it after you graduate. I strongly recommend that you buy one! You have to learn how to use yours and bring it to all classes. Course Description: This is an introductory course for undergraduate business students. The course is intended to provide a survey of financial management, which is necessary for any businesses. It will cover both the theory and how financial decisions are used to guide management in the “real world.” This is intended to be a survey course and the topics covered will be presented in more detail in elective finance courses. COURSE OBJECTIVES : (1) To develop a familiarity with the basic language and concepts of business finance. (2) To learn the function of the chief financial executive of a firm, what finance decisions are necessary, how they are made, the tools which exist to aid in the decisions and the interrelation between finance and other functional areas. Finance 350(17) - Business Finance 1
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(3) To learn the tools and methodologies that help management to make decisions about investments and decisions that have financial implications. These include: time value of money, net present
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chapter, problem & case - San Francisco State University...

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