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IBUS 566 : International Careers in a Global Context (#37062) Professor R. Simeon Office: Science 365 Department of International Business Telephone: (415) 338-6298 Semester: Fall 2011 E-mail: [email protected] Class Location Times Office Hours BUS 138 Thursdays: 7-9.45 p.m. Tues, Thurs 3.30-5.30pm It is also possible to arrange a specific appointment for a significant issue ________________________________________________________________________ Introduction Over the last twenty years, human resource management has been drastically affected by global competition as well as the globalization of business practices. The nature of the employment, rules of competition, industry boundaries, and political realities are all factors that have forced a reevaluation of effective approaches to human resource management. One area that has been at the center of this change is career creation and development dynamics. Although there are variations across borders, the focus of control and responsibility has continued to shift toward individual and networked career development strategies. National governments, the markets and corporations all play vital roles but more and more, the burden is on the individual to identify, prepare and develop a career path which is satisfying and rewarding. This course will examine the institutional, practical and cross-cultural factors that influence employees and also impact their career dynamics in a global environment. It should be of use to students, consultants, mid-career workers and anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of how careers impact their life in the global environment. Course Objective This course will help you develop an understanding of the importance of careers in different environments. We will also examine the various types of careers, career trajectories and career development strategies which are used in a variety of sectors around the world. In addition to developing extensive career market research skills, this course should enhance your ability to: Create a personal career profile document that evaluates, packages & targets your capabilities. Understand & present career development dynamics in a specific sector Research sectors & the career market infrastructures in different environments Identify potential career opportunities at home & abroad Develop practical strategies for attaining your career goals. Required Texts: (1) Proprietary information provided by the instructor (2) A number of additional articles of which you will be informed. I-Learn will be used in this class:http://ilearn.sfsu.edu This collaborative software and Virtual location will be used to coordinate your group presentations and provide information and feedback. Make sure you understand the basics of using ILEARN. 1
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Grading Breakdown [A] 93-100 [A-] 89-92 [B+] 86-88 [B] 81-85 [B-] 78-80 [C+] 75-77 [C] 72-74 [C-] 68-71 [D] 61-67 [D-] 55-60 F: Below 55 (Fail….Avoid this grade at all cost!!!) Percentage Breakdown of Grades & Deadlines Grade Requirement Percentage Dates & Deadlines 1. Exam #1 20% September 29 2. Exam #2 20% October 27 3. Individual Assignment #1 15% September 22 4. Individual Assignment #2 10% October 20 5.
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