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Unformatted text preview: Portugal Portugal Geographical Geographical overview overview Population is Population 10million 760,30 10million July 2011 35,672 sq. miles 35,672 th M oor s of 8 cent ur y conquer I ber ia Penisula in 711 A.D. Portugal Ruins of Roman Empir e r uled t he I ber ia Peninsula ar ound 750A.D. B ui l t naval base Bui E stabl i sh bor der s School of Navi gati on B r azi l s Gol d Far advance i n Navi gati ng. Far H enr y phe Navigat or t ortugal L uis t he Popular King of Por tugal • K ing of Por t ugal • 1861-1889 • pb • Pr esident elect ed 2006 C ultur e Por t ugal is a democr at ic Chr ist ian societ y Sier r a da Estr ela m ountains Coast of L isbon t he capit al of Por t ugal D uor o River • The cit y of L isbon and t he lar gest br idge in E ur ope Vasco da Gama; the Br idge T he br idge was built t o h onor Vasco for his discover y of I ndia fr om Eur ope E ur T he br idge is 10miles The long l ong B egan const r uct ion in Began Sept 1996 Sept The br idge open for t r affic in M ar ch 29, 1998 T he br idge cr osses t he The Portugal Ship Por tugal P or • Por tuga l Por Cui si ne C ui • Sea food Sea Pl a ta Pl Por tugal P or • M any species of fish i n the Atlantic Ocean O cean • T ypical P or tuguese m eal • With meat, thick With sauce & veggies sauce • I ncluding car r ots and gr een beans gr T ypical Por tuguese's meals • I nf luence on many soups we eat in the U.S. t he Sweets…… Sweets…… • P or tuguese's Por d esser ts w ith bake b er r ies, lemon and bake cr ust b ake e Por tugal’s Cuisine P or • T he Por tuguese combine many fish sar dines and m acker el to make one dish one • T heir always a thick sauce of stew and veggies v eggies Por t ugal’s cuisine • F r ied chicken and Cor n on the cob C or • C hickens wer e found Chickens i n Chile by H enr y t he Navigator in 1400’s 1400’s • C hicken can be tr ace Chicken t o dinosaur s “Gui ded D i scover y” • G r ubstake R estaur ant Gr i n San F r ancisco Por tuguese's Cui si ne Por • Seafood clams, Seafood oyster s, shr imp, m ixed w ith thick sauce and veggies R ice pudding w ith str aw ber r ies and cr eam Gu ided D i scov er y Ca nja chi cken Soup • M ade w ith mint lemons and r ice ...
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