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htm3242011syllabus - HM 324 Historical and Contemporary...

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HM 324 Historical and Contemporary Aspects of Food, Beverage and Culture in America Course Syllabus Summer 2011 R3 Instructor: Mehmet Ergul, PhD. Office & Tel: BUS 343 – (415) 405-2404 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Wednesdays 10AM-12PM or by appointment. Class Hours and Location: Tue-Thu 9AM-1PM, HH 543 Course Description: Pre-Requisite ENG 214 Historical and contemporary approaches to ethnic food and beverages that affect eating habits in the United States. Social, economic, psychological and other influences affecting food, beverages and culture. Course Objectives: 1. Acquire a historical overview and immigration pattern of American Food, beverage and culture. 2. Learn the importance of factors that affect historical food habits and choices: cultural, societal, lifestyle, economic and religious. 3. Learn the classifications of cultural foods such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, and other staple foods for multicultural needs of early American multicultural population profile. 4. Learn about what the immigrants from different parts of the world brought with them. 5. Learn historical aspects of food, beverages and hospitality services of Americans. 6. Study the influence of religion, gender, table etiquette and health & food practices in America. Course Materials: SFSU Library E-Reserve: Goto http://eres.sfsu.edu/eres/courseindex.aspx? &page=instr Choose Ergul as instructor and the Password: (SUMMERFEAST) I-Learn: http://ilearn.sfsu.edu ( students are expected to have an access to internet with a valid SFSU e-mail account and password.) Other Materials to be announced by the instructor during the semester.
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Course Policies and Requirements* Class Participation and Attendance: Students are expected to attend each class session. Additionally, active participation of students is expected in each class session which will affect their final grades. Quizzes and Homework: Both announced and unannounced quizzes / HW’s may be given throughout the course. Those will cover assigned reading materials, lectures, handouts and other materials that are discussed in classroom. (About 5 pages in total) Test: There will be a written “Test” which will be a part of the grading component for this class. One Written Research Report and One Oral Presentation: (also note G.E Rules and Policies on Segment III Cluster Cover Sheet) A total of 5 double spaced pages (excluding references and cover page) of written work that relates to historical and contemporary aspects of food and culture in America must be completed by the end of the semester. (Students will select their own topic under the guidance of the course instructor) Format of the Written Paper: A minimum of 3 references are required for the written paper. Copies of the material used should be submitted together with the written report. All papers must include a cover
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htm3242011syllabus - HM 324 Historical and Contemporary...

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