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M S . MALNIG ENGLISH DEPT . / CMS R EQUIREMENTS AND CONVENTIONS FOR W RITTEN W ORK The following requirements are for all written assignments: Use standard 8 ½”x11” white paper. Type all work, unless you are directed otherwise. Use 12-point type. Double space. Leave left and right margins of approximately 1 ½”. Write your name, date, class and section, and what the assignment is in the upper right-hand corner of the first page. o Example Sue Lee September 19, 2008 English 212.02
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Unformatted text preview: Take-Home Essay #1 Number each page. Staple the pages together in the upper left-hand corner. Label all drafts , such as, first draft, second draft, proofreading draft, final draft. Submit essays in a two-pocket folder with all previous drafts, notebook entries, double-entry journals, brainstorming, tutoring notes and freewriting pertaining to that assignment. Ms. Malnig/ENG, CMS Dept. 1 Requirements for Written Work...
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