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208.IC.1._study_Qs2 - to study in a big city Can you tell...

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Eng 208 Ms. Malnig S TUDY Q UESTIONS FOR I N -C LASS E SSAY #1 W ED / FRI OCT 15/17 You will be required to use some of the tenses we have studied so far in class as well as several subordinators, proper use of articles, and you will need to avoid using sentence fragments and run-together sentences. In addition, you will be responsible for proofreading for correctable errors. Your essay should be approximately 1-2 pages long. Study Questions for Exam #1 The exam question(s) will be closely related to one or more of the following: a) Discuss how you came to study at San Francisco State University. Why did you choose
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Unformatted text preview: to study in a big city? Can you tell, so far, if SFSU is what you hoped it would be? b) Discuss what you like and/or don’t like about living in a big city like San Francisco. What are the positive things about a city? What are the negative things? Do the positive things outweigh the negative? Why or why not? Remember that you can use a print dictionary, but you cannot bring your brainstorming notes to class. English 208 1 In-class Essay #1/prep...
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