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Section 03, 14608:T-Th 1410-1525; HSS 278 Section 04, 40180: M-W-F 1110-1200; TH 329 INSTRUCTOR: Ocean Matt Horrigan PHONE: 415-405-3474; E-MAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Thornton Hall 505b Tuesday 1200-1300, Friday 0900-1000 or by appt. Course objective : The primary objectives of this class are: (1) to acquire or expand an interest in the marine environment, (2) to gain an appreciation for science in general; its methods, conceptual theories and practical applications, (3) to do some problem solving, and (4) to get ourselves to the beach from time to time. Class preparation: Login to the iLearn website at and look on the calendar to find the specific Read & Preview ("R&P") assignment that is due, usually prior to the day we start talking about the topic. It consists of a text reading followed by an online exercise that times out at a specific time on a specific date, never to return again. You have ample time to do each exercise, and can “Save” it if you don’t finish, but you can only “Submit” your quiz to record your grade once per chapter. Class Protocol: Come to class. We will do activities, witness things, and discuss events that are not found in textbooks or slideshows. Let’s all make the effort to be prompt so we can conduct our discourse with a minimum number of interruptions. Bring a 3x5 card to every class. You will hand one in, signed and with feedback, upon request each time we meet. The cards are also used to record your daily participation. Logon to your iLearn site at least once a week. Each chapter of the book has a corresponding “Read & Preview” quiz that times out on a Saturday night. The deadline corresponds to the class topics under discussion. Sometimes there are two due in the same week. Communicate with me if you have needs that go beyond the usual protocol of the classroom. Make sure you know the deadline dates for quizzes, tests, reports, presentations, and projects. Required text: Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science (6th edition) by Tom Garrison; Thomson Learning/Brooks/Cole publisher. Find it in the Oceanography section of the bookstore (not Geology). There are 2 versions of the same book. Choose only one of the two options; the hardbound is more expensive but can be sold back to the bookstore, the looseleaf version is cheaper but can only be sold on the ‘grey’ market. Grade weighting and letter grades:
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slide - INTRODUCTION TO OCEANOGRAPHY 100(OCN 100-03 04 Fall...

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