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09.29.2011 (Vietnam)

09.29.2011 (Vietnam) - argue and says something directly In...

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09/29/2011 America in Vietnam Paper topics Can go from general topic, or with various question. Answer “So what?” question about topic (answer in paper) Writing History Clear, logical and fair (don’t be vague with intent in writing) Context (revaluate past events and actions based upon the times themselves, and  avoid contemporary judgments on what they did and the consequences; interpret  subject in the time that it happened) Basic principles for history essays 1. Good historical papers are sharply focused on a limited topic (this  sufficiently helps to explore your topic in depth; stick to specific thing);  clear focus allows you to reach a conclusion that mirrors your main points  in a short paper; no surprise endings (lead the reader) 2. Historical essays should have a clearly stated argument or thesis  (encapsulate the essay); statement of fact; these do not explore things, but 
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Unformatted text preview: argue and says something directly. In the introduction and thesis, get to the main point (basic background info, tensions, etc). Use thesis as a constant guide throughout the paper; Thesis can also help you to determine what evidence to keep or reject. 3. Historical essays are built step-by-step on carefully acknowledged evidence; present evidence clearly and carefully, and fully acknowledge where you found the citation; what books mirror what you are looking at; research has to situate itself in the larger historiographies. Check out bibliographies for sources. 4. Historical essays reflect the dispassionate thoughts of the author 5. Historical essays are clearly written for an intended audience in mind; be clear and concise. Define important terms and provide context of what is written in paper....
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