SQ08-2 - SQ08 CHAPTER 8 PERCEPTION 1 How does the chapter...

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September 29, 2011 SQ08 - CHAPTER 8 PERCEPTION 1) How does the chapter opening example illustrate the power of perception? It showed that saying “mushroom by origin,” leads consumers to believe that there is mushroom in the product which is false advertising, because it contains mycoprotein, and edible protein derived from fungus. 2) What is information processing? How does it differ from perception? Information processing- is a series of activities by which stimuli are perceived, transformed into information, and stored. There are four major steps: Exposure, attention, interpretation, and memory. Perception- The first three steps of information processing are perception. 3) What is meant by exposure? What determines which stimuli an individual will be exposed to? How do marketers utilize this knowledge? Exposure- occurs when a stimulus such as a banner ad comes within a range of a person’s sensory receptor nerves (vision). -Occurs when a stimulus is placed within a person’s relevant environment and comes within a range of their sensory receptor nerves. Exposure provides consumers with the opportunity to pay attention to available information but in no way guarantees it. Most of the stimuli to which individuals are exposed are “self-selected.” That is, people deliberately seek out exposure to certain stimuli and avoid others. Generally people seek information that they think will help them achieve their goals. Selective Exposure- the highly selective exposure is a major concern for marketers. Only selecting certain exposure. 4) What are zipping, zapping, and muting? Why are they a concern to marketers? How are marketers dealing with this phenomenon of ad avoidance ? Zipping- occurs when one fast-forwards through a commercial on a prerecorded program. Zapping-
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SQ08-2 - SQ08 CHAPTER 8 PERCEPTION 1 How does the chapter...

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