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September 29, 2011 SQ17 - CHAPTER 17 OUTLET SELECTION AND PURCHASE 1) Name a product category for which (justify your selections): a) the brand is generally selected first and the outlet second b) The outlet is selected first and the brand second c) one for which brand and outlet are made simultaneously. 2) What is a retail outlet? What is in-home shopping? 3) What is multi-channel shopping and what implications does it hold for retailer strategy? How can marketers convert browsers to buyers (CI-17-1)? 4) Outlet image: a) What is a store image and what are its dimensions and components? b) Compare/contrast Internet retailer image and bricks-and-mortar store image . c) Does the image of a retail outlet affect the image of the brands it carries? d) Do the brands carried affect the image of the retail outlet? 5) Describe your store image for the following. Be sure to mention some of the dimensions of store/online retailer image from p. 594.
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