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Final Exam Review by Ash

Final Exam Review by Ash - ultimately gives up her life to...

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Final Exam Review-Music: Chapter 14: -Bel Canto- emphasizes beauty of sound, works of Gioacchino Rossini epitomize this feature. Also, it was prominent in early Romantic opera. -Guiseppe Verdi- opera exploded as a truly human drama, expressed through simple, beautiful melody with lush orchestration. In the opera Rigoletto, Verdi dared to make an operatic hero out of a hunchbacked court jester (Riogoletto) whose only redeeming quality seems to be his great love for his daughter, Gilda. When the duke seduces the innocent girl, Rigoletto plots his death. Despite the seduction, Gilda loves the dissolute duke and
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Unformatted text preview: ultimately gives up her life to save his. Virtue does not triumph in this opera. Musical style too, moves on, as demanded by the opera’s topics of abduction, vengeance, and murder. Later in his career, Verdi wrote such works as Don Carlos and Aida , grand operas of spectacular proportions built upon tightly woven dramatic structures. Finally in a third phase, he produced operas based on Shakespeare’s plays. Otello pairs opera buffa(Italian comic opera) with tragedy. It explores subtle balances among voices and orchestra, together with strong melodic developments and a new fluidity of structure....
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