Music Review Exam 2WORD

Music Review Exam 2WORD - Music Exam 2 Review: 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Music Exam 2 Review: 1. Canonical- know the meaning, his term 2. Terms in Chapter 13- The Enlightenment:- Enlightenment- A faith in science, in human rights arising form natural law, in human reason, and progress. - Enlightened despotism- Rule by and absolute monarch who holds enlightened views regarding his or her relationship to hit or her subjects.- Philosophes- Writers who culled thought from great books and translated it into accessible terms.- Rocco style- A decorous and sensitive style in the arts.- Genre- A term usually meaning type, but in the eighteenth century it refers to works of art dealing with mundane subjects- Classical Style- In music, refers to the works and style of Mozart and Haydn, in particular. - Pre-Romantic Style- A style in literature referring to the works of Henry Fielding, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Goethe, and others who anticipated the anti-classical literary style of the next century. 3. Important things to remember about the Enlightenment:- PROGRESS- drew on the assumption that the conditions of life could only improve with time and that each generation made life even better for the next-in this era, reason and progress grew secular from the Church, and toleration increased. Politics and business superseded the Church as well.-rapid increase in scientific discovery that followed Newtons work resulted in the development of new disciplines 3. Technology in the Enlightenment:-Science helped technology.-Invention of the Steam Engine, gave rise to the industrial revolution.-use of coal fuel in place of charcoal -precision in tooling affected clock making-road building and bridge construction-intro of power machinery 4. Economics and Politics in the Enlightenment:4....
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Music Review Exam 2WORD - Music Exam 2 Review: 1....

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