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Notes on the Romantic Age

Notes on the Romantic Age - Notes on the Romantic Age...

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Notes on the Romantic Age: Industrial Revolution- Social and economic changes brought about when extensive mechanization resulted in a shift from home manufacturing to large scale factory production. Idealism- A philosophy contending that the nature of reality is the nature of the mind-that is, ideal. Romanticism- A literary and artistic movement that sought to assert the validity of a subjective experience. Marxism-The body of ideas developed by Karl Marx, forming the basic tenets of modern socialism and communism. Program Music- Musical works that built around a nonmusical story. Melodrama- A type of theatre characterized by sensationalism and sentimentality. 1. Technology in the Romantic Age: -the early yrs. Of the 19 th century saw wide experimentation with sources and uses of energy, and before the century had concluded, electricity replaced gas. -important developments in engine design took place - the world’s entire transportation system had undergone and complete revolution. -telegraph lines and telephone were developed during this period. - mining production increased. - perishable goods could now be kept longer because of ice cabinets the size of railroad cars, and could now be shipped across America. -pasteurization was discovered - Harnessing electricity- in the form of batteries. -electric powered street car rendered horse cars obsolete 2.Social Changes -because of its vast resources of coal, iron, and other raw material, the United States, came into a position of economic dominance.
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-Wealth increased enormously -populations grew as the mortality rate went down.
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Notes on the Romantic Age - Notes on the Romantic Age...

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