Opera in the Romantic Period

Opera in the Romantic Period - O pera in the Romantic...

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Unformatted text preview: O pera in the Romantic Period: F rance, I taly, and Germany dominated it’s development. “Grand Opera”(Meyerbeer) emerged in the 19th centu ry…staged spectacular productions w ith crowd scenes, ballets, choruses, a nd fantastic scenery, w r i tten around medieval and contempora ry times. Jacques Offenbach brought to the stage a lighter style, in which spoken dialogue mixed w ith the music. –Opera Comique., a lthough comique is in the word, the context was serious. Ly r ic Opera- (Thomas and Gounod)-tu rned to Romantic drama a nd fantasy for thei r plots, contains highly ly rical passages in a l ight and elegant style Wagner-one of the masters of Romantic opera, drew heavily on G erman mythology. He also had philosophies which were layed o ut in two books: 1.Art and Revolution and 2. Opera and D rama -his philosophy centered on Geamtkunstwer k, a comprehensive w otk of a rt in which music, poet ry and scenery play subservient r oles to the central generating idea. -believed total unity of all elements remained supremely i mportant. -music has the predominant role in Wagne r’s operas(unfolds t h rough LE I T MO T I F-musical theme tied to an idea, person, or object) ...
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Opera in the Romantic Period - O pera in the Romantic...

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