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Moderator Guide - 10 Which fast food chain comes to mind...

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Moderator Guide: 1. Thank you for being a part of this focus group. 2. Explain, without giving too much away, why they are there. 3. Make sure participants know it is confidential. 4. Make sure participants know that their focus group will be taped. 5. Provide the ground rules. 6. Make sure participants introduce themselves. (first names only) 7. How do Americans view fast food, in comparison to the rest of the world? 8. What do you think of fast food in regards to nutrition? 9. What do you think fast food chains are doing to be more health conscious?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Which fast food chain comes to mind when you think of healthy fast food? 11. Do you think McDonalds is considered a healthy choice when choosing a fast food restaurant? 12. What could McDonalds do to be healthier? 13. Would you visit McDonalds more often if they were a healthier option? 14. Would you pay more money for a healthier menu? 15. What would you change about the menu to make it healthier?...
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