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Study Guide for Short Answer/Essay Questions – Exam 1 MKT 3370 –Spring 2011 These questions are intended to help with preparation for the short answer question and essay part of the exam. If you can answer these questions or do these tasks, you will be prepared to do well on the short answer/essay question section of the exam. This is not intended for a study guide for the entire exam although you will find that preparing and understanding this material may also help with some of the multiple choice questions. But definitely do not limit your studying to these questions. 1. List and discuss the steps in the marketing research process. How are the steps interrelated? Step: 1. Define the research problem 2. Approach to the Problem 3.Research Design 4. Field work 5. Data Preparation and Analysis 6. Report Preparation and Presentation One must occur before the other and the later steps are reflected upon the first. 2.
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Studyguideexam1spring2011 - Study Guide for Short...

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