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wendys article - competition should be a considered a...

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Wendy’s has put together a new marketing strategy to attract health conscious consumers. Instead of using unnatural ingredients, Wendy’s has opted for a more nutritional approach. Sea salt is now added to the batch, which is a healthier option than table salt. The fries themselves have potato skin, to remind people that they are made from a vegetable. McDonalds should take a similar approach to their market strategy. Health consciousness is a big trend. The success of Wendy’s, McDonalds
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Unformatted text preview: competition should be a considered a threat because people tend to prefer more healthy options. McDonalds should evaluate ways to make not only their fries a healthier option, but their whole menu. After this is assessed then a campaign about the new healthier menu should be taken into effect. This would help attract more customers, and show their existing ones that they are becoming more socially responsible....
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