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Studying Tips for History This is my advice for studying history. History is one big story with lots of details, but in order to successfully survive a history course, you need to become good at picking out the main ideas. Please read, as I think heeding my advice will help you. You are welcome to come see me to discuss anything class-related. Attend class, listen to the lectures, and read the textbook. Pay attention to the basics: Who? What? Where? When? Why? Why important? Everything else might be interesting, but for the purpose of the exam, it’s just extra information. Why important? is the historical context, which is also known as historical significance. Historical significance is why it was important then. It depends on what you’re studying but historical significance will often be one or more of the following: o The effect of an event or someone’s actions o Why an event happened o What an event or a person’s actions are an example of o If an event or person’s actions were monumental in some way and in what
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