Chapter 3 - SWOT Analysis o Objectives Increase sales...

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Chapter 3: E-Marketing/6E The Twitter Story o Started as a concept in a brainstorming meeting in 2006 to become 11 th in U.S. Web traffic and the 3 rd most popular social network. E-Marketing Planning Process o The e-marketing plan is a blueprint for e-marketing strategy formulation and implementation. Links the firm’s business strategy with technology-driven marketing strategies. o The plan serves as a roadmap to guide the firm, allocate resources, etc. Seven Step Marketing Plan o Situation Analysis Industry Analysis Competitor Analysis e-Marketing Mix Product, Price, Promotion, Distribution Current Target Markets Demographics Geographics and Company Structure Demographics and Psychographics Product Positioning Macroeeconomic Consideration Political and Legal Economic Social Technological Environmental Microeconomic Consideration Website and Online Audits
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Unformatted text preview: SWOT Analysis o Objectives Increase sales revenue Reduce Costs o Defining Your Strategies Segmentation Methods/Strategies Product strategies: merchandise, content, services or advertising on its website Pricing Strategies • Dynamic Pricing • Online Bidding Pricing Objectives • Maximize Revenue • Gain Market Share Distribution Strategies • Direct Marketing • Agent E-Business Models Marketing communication Relationship management o Implementaion Tactics are used to achieve plan objectives • Marketing mix (4 Ps) tactics • Relationship o Budget The plan must identify the expected returns o Revenue Forecast o Evaluation Plan Various metric systems in place to evaluate the plan Today’s firms are ROI driven o Contingency Plan Define Alternative Plans of Action in advance...
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Chapter 3 - SWOT Analysis o Objectives Increase sales...

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