RoAG-8-31 - The Historical Periods o Archaic Period 700 -...

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Greek Religion Sebas o To act piously o Eusebeia To be doing those pious things well o Asebeia To not be behaving with right piety. o Theous Sebasthai To behave piously to the gods. Ta Nomizonmena o Having performed the customary rites. Sources o Written Historical Literary Epigraphic (Such as Inscriptions on Stone) o Material Archaeological Art Historical Prehistory o Early/Middle Bronze Age 3000-1600 BC o Mycenaean Period (Late Bronze Age) 1600-1150 BC o Dark Age (Iron Age) 1150-700 BC Cycladic Figurine o These people were taken over by Crete. The most famous palace in Crete at this time was the palace of Knossos. Mycenae The Collapse of the Bronze Age Palace System o Was there a complete break before the Iron Age? o Homer, Hesiod, and Panhellenism
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Unformatted text preview: The Historical Periods o Archaic Period 700 - 480 BC The age of tyrants, aristocrats, and the formation of the polis o Classical Period 480 - 323 BC The rise and fall of Athens, the development of democracy Military played a big part during this period Olympia and the Olympic Games They take place at a sanctuary (there are oaths and religious components to it) There were many religious festivals, and theater was important to their culture. o Hellenistic Period 323 - 30 BC Main changes include bringing in other people into what it means to be Greek. o Roman Period 31 BC - 476 AD Romans come in and Christianity spreads throughout Greece....
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RoAG-8-31 - The Historical Periods o Archaic Period 700 -...

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