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Mycenaeans Time Period o MH/LH I(1550-1500); Grave Circle B o LM II (1450); Mycenaeans on Crete o LM IIIA (1375); Cretan palaces destroyed o LH IIIB (1250); Lion Gate o LH III B-C (1200); destructions o LHIIIC (1150); warrior krater Cult Rooms at Mycenae o Most of the temples are on mounds and hills. o Megaron The great hall of palace complexes. o House with the Idols Figures that were meant for worship were found there. Other Mycenaean Objects o Figures were found there. Cult Building o Ayia Irini The Lady of Phylakopi Evidence from Linear B o Syllabic script o Mycenaean o Greek Language
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Unformatted text preview: o Mycenaean documents can be found in the palace of Knossos. • Athena in the Bronze Age o There was an even amount of male and female gods. o The Greek gods have the same names. o It is unclear whether or not Athena existed back then as people knew her in later years. • Linear B o Dionysos who was thought to be a later god makes an appearance in Linear B • Mycenaean Hierarchy o Wanax – “King” o Lawagetas – “Leader of the War Host o Basileus – “An Official” o Damos – “The People”...
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