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RoAG-9-12 - (End of LMIII – Geometric ca 1275-900 40...

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Dark Age: Greece Greek Religion o No Written Lists o Religion of Common People o Variations in Religious Practices What deities are more important than others? o Places: No more palaces/places associated with palaces o Offerings Interpretation o Art o Places o Artifacts o Comparatives Time Periods o 1190-1020; LHIIIC – Submycenaean o 1020-900; Dark Ages o 900-700; Geometric o 700-600; Orientalizing o ca. 1100-700; Iron Age No More Mycenaeans o No Writing o No Monumental Stone Buildings o Drop in Wealth o Drop in Population Refuge Sites on Crete o Found on top of mountains o Karphi (Means “Nail”)
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Unformatted text preview: (End of LMIII – Geometric; ca. 1275-900) 40 square metered community on top of a mountain Goddess with Upraised Arms (ca. 1000) • It is an example of a continuity of culture by retaining elements of their ancient religions such as the horns and symbolism with birds. • Dark Age Social Structure and Religion o Lefkandi Burial grounds with gifts and horses were found. Once the owners die, they knock down the building as a monument. Centaur of Lefkandi (ca. 900)...
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