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6A:002 Thanksgiving Variance Analysis Berg Page 1 Thanksgiving Variance Analysis Supplemental Variance Analysis Problems Imagine that you traveled home to Le Mars, Iowa, for Thanksgiving Dinner. Use your imagination, and the information provided below, to investigate why things didn’t go exactly as planned. 1. It’s the beginning of November, and you are talking to your mom about your trip home for Thanksgiving. Because you want to contribute to the dinner, you offer to purchase the Thanksgiving turkey in Iowa City and bring it home with you the weekend before Thanksgiving. Your mom tells you that your aunt and uncle are coming to dinner, so in planning for the turkey expense, you plan on 8 diners (your mom and dad, your aunt and uncle, your little sister, your older brother, you, and a friend you are bringing home with you). Based on past experience, you estimated that the average person will eat about 1.2 pounds of turkey. While at the grocery store in early November, you noted that frozen turkeys were selling for $1.50 per
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Chapter11_ThanksgivingVarianceAnalysis - 6A:002 Berg...

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