Assignment 2 FINANANANANAN - Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos,...

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Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos, Section FF Samantha Stern-Albert Assignment #1 Final Draft Human welfare and Animal welfare William Wordsworth once said “Nature has never deserted the heart that loved her”. This quote is no longer true, as Mother Nature attacks and gifts people in the same way despite our nature toward her. Nature is a large system not controllable by individuals in it. It has its own identity, and we are often subjected to its greatness and cruelness. And it is difficult to take responsibility toward its actions. This topic of nature is revived in Annie Dillard’s “A Wreck of Time” where she laments the destruction of humanity by natural and unnatural forces. She also conveys how insignificant an individual is compared to entire system. This essay contradicts Singer and Masons viewpoints about animal welfare “Meat and Milk Factories”, by saying that it’s impossible to take responsibility. Singer has always opposed the idea of animal cruelty over farm animals. Whereas Dillard’s essay supports the human welfare advocacy, that is achieve profit at any cost. Farm animals are subjected to our cruelty, just as we are subjected to nature’s cruelty. And now the question comes; are we responsible for nature’s causes or the misfortunes in the world including animal cruelty? Do we need to cause a change in animal welfare system? The answer simple; As Dillard mentioned a individual is insignificant and cannot cause and impact on the large system like the nature and society. As individuals we do not have the capability to control or change the systems like animal welfare. An individual’s major concern is to survive in the society at any cost. Cruelty toward animals has been already established in our society, and as an insignificant individual one’s major concern is to survive and not to bother about the ethical issues. Responsibility comes in with profitability. An individual is responsible for the betterment of his closest relations. Singer once mentioned the use of BST injection on cows, which is
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harmful for the cow but profitable for the farmer, “If we are making more milk and it’s profitable, it’s something we should be doing” said a farmer. It might seem that the farmer is selfish and merciless to the animal. But that is not the case as farm animals are treated cruelly by the farmers as well as the consumer, due to their helplessness. The system has forced us to be cruel to farm animals. We are doing it for the profit’s sake, and for our own advancement. The
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Assignment 2 FINANANANANAN - Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos,...

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