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Assignment 4 Final - Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos Section FF...

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Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos, Section FF Samantha Stern-Albert Assignment #4 Final Draft One Man and Two Generation Baby Boomers could easily be identified as one of the most confused generation in the history of mankind. Individuals in this generation were eager to find a new outlook at life and society. They were curious seekers trying to find the true meaning of self-esteem. But unfortunately they were not supported and ended up being a confused generation following the old values of the society. But eventually this generation evolved to Generation Me, where the individual’s finally got their desired self-esteem. So the kids of the Baby Boomers enjoyed the fruits of their waiting. A hitchhiker Chris McCandless was not an ordinary Boomer, he unlike his contemporaries fought with the society, and experienced his own psychic evolution to Generation Me. Jon Krakauer’s “Selections from Into the Wild ” illustrates the journey of Chris McCandless from a Baby Boomer ideology to a Generation Me confidence. Throughout his journey he faced the pressures from Baby Boomers, and Generation Me. McCandless journey reflects the desire of Baby Boomers to be free and self-focused, and the success of Generation Me of achieving that feet. Krakauer’s experience shows that Baby Boomers were eager for change, and psychic evolution was caused by this desire, and experience. McCandless was trapped between two radically different generations, and it was impossible for him to get out. Baby Boomers had the idea of self focus in their minds, but it was too confusing for them to handle. They lived for the overall benefit of themselves and the society. A popular question asked was “How do you focus on yourself when your parents don’t even know what that means” (Twenge, 756). The Boomers were obligated to their parents. They were forced to mold their decisions as their parents will. There was no independence of decision making. They were taught to be dependent on the society, so they could not focus upon 1
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themselves. They always had the urge to be free and think independently. The Generation Me with adequate resources like less pressure from family and society could change their behavior. Self-focus, and the importance of ‘me’ increased. An individual would rather work for himself than for the society. Consequently self-esteem too increased within the individuals. McCandless, once a timid man not knowing what to do in the wild, after undergoing the evolution bravely endured the nature. The Baby Boomers were confused about focusing on themselves; they failed to differentiate themselves from the world. Whereas the new generation had the chance to look into themselves, and be proud of whom they are. McCandless journey shows how the Boomer generation evolved to Generation Me. McCandless like every Baby Boomer had the urge to be free, so he undertook a journey
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Assignment 4 Final - Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos Section FF...

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