Final Draft - Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos Section FF...

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Unformatted text preview: Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos, Section FF Samantha Stern-Albert Assignment #3 Final Draft The Branches of the Vine Martin Tupper once said, “Society is a chain of obligations, and its links must support each other; the branch cannot but wither, that is cut from the parent vine.” We individuals are branches of the paternal society, and in order to survive we need to fulfill our obligations. One of the major obligations for an individual is to live by the ethics so that the society is stable. And a stable society can provide for the self- interests of an individual. This idea of living for the society is completely ignored in Jean Twenge’s “An Army of One: Me”, where Twenge believes in self-fulfillment above everything. In his “Meat and Milk Factories” Peter Singer reveals the reader about our neglecting the obligation toward farm animals, and its potential consequences. In a similar fashion Annie Dillard’s “Wreck of Time” explains our obligations toward the greater good of the society. Balance in a society is a major requirement to fulfill our self interests. Self interested means to care about our major self interests such as peace, happiness and confidence to live. Selfish or unethical ways to achieve self interests will just harm the system and the individual. One has to follow his obligations and support the society, in order to fulfill his own self interests, as society is the source of these interests. An individual’s self interests should be adaptable to that of the larger system so that there is a balance between the needs. Living for the society is the best way to be recognized and stay interested in ourselves. In this generation where millions die and are born every day, it is no longer difficult for one to be self aware. People are aware of being individuals to such extent, that they have forgotten about the society. Twenge accurately describes this period’s main goal.”I had to make me happy; I had to do what was best for myself in every situation” (Twenge, 760). It all about ‘me’ and not about the society. People are so self-centered that they do not bother about their surroundings. All they are aware is about themselves, and not about the world around them. Even disasters faced by the humans are ignored, as everyone is involved in their own lives. Animal suffering is also ignored for the profit of an individual. Sue Smith on injecting the harmful BST on her cows said “didn’t like giving the injections, but ‘if we are making more milk and it’s profitable, it’s something we should be doing’” (Singer, 556). Animal suffering is ignored for the profit of the individual. An individual is only aware about himself, and his mind cannot handle the existence and pain of others. This about himself, and his mind cannot handle the existence and pain of others....
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Final Draft - Ferdinand Kurian 101 Expos Section FF...

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