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Chapter 6 - Similarities Rituals Religious requirements...

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Chapter 6 The Religious belief system Verbal expressions of Belief: The ways that we express things -Address 3 issues -Nature and origin of supernatural -Cosmology: How the material world was created, and how it functions. Order it exists. Who’s responsible for this order. -Man and his society: What r the features of ideal society. What is the fate of humans? Two types -Dogma: Direct statements: do’s and don’ts -Myth: Symbolic, indirect.
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Unformatted text preview: Similarities. Rituals: Religious requirements. Acts, ceremonies. Nature of the supernatural-Personified super natural- Gods who look like humans.-Anthropomorphic- Anthropomorphic Social- Anthropomorphic Psychic: They have features in terms of psychology similar to humans.-Impersonal (Mana)-Supernatural. Originated Super Natural-Self-created -Human origin-Ambiguous Gods are individualized Spirits are collective...
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