Max Muller - are embracing the will of God.-Most rational...

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Max Muller Over representation of Protestants among the managers, factory owners, social groups…(high class) Martin Luther King- Reformation -Changed the controls from above to within -Religious affiliation- your religion and your work outlet The Spirit of Capitalism Benjamin Franklin Pg. 48 Protestants: Embrace the will of God. SO that w can assure ourself that we are among the ‘elect’. -Salvation is God’s plan. We don’t know anything about it. -Church is not useful. So the power of Church is gone. The whole point of the movement Calvin -We should not question God. -Rationalization of religion -A Christian life consists of working, and preplanned. And every moment you spend on it shows that you
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Unformatted text preview: are embracing the will of God.-Most rational and logical form of religion. That is why capitalism evolved. Western Europe. Ascetic Protestants Baxter-Continuous work should be practiced-Wealth can lead to idleness. Idleness can lead to sexual tension and religious doubt.-‘Calling’ is our approach to mundane (routine) work-God gives clues about your calling. Gain-fullness.-Don’t use your wealth if you have. Keep searching for your better job, and work harder. December 17 9:30 am Office Hours: Wed 10-12...
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