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Religious Communication

Religious Communication - -Overlap between economic...

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Religious Communication. -To pass on information to the supernatural being. -The supernatural receives it. 2 rules -We can know their plans and judgments. -We can change their plans if they are unfavorable. 3 Types -Verbal (Prayer) -Compulsive (Magical) -Non-compulsive-We need to appeal to SN. They control us. -Non Verbal (Ritual) -Sacrifice, offering. -The hope that SN will receive it, and might change the plans -Sacrifice is the medium to this communication. 3 types -Hope- For some exchange -Gratitude- Religious -Abnigation- The sacrifice is given without any expectations. Functions -To bring harmony -Ferth and Gould
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Unformatted text preview: -Overlap between economic structure and sacrifice.-It effects politics-Divination.-SN give or are forced to give the information.-Discovery phase.-Once we know the judgments. We can modify it by prayer and sacrifice. 3 type 1-Supernatural taking initiative-Different types of signs.-Augary: SN sends data to us, Priests reads sign from the nature.-Astrology: movement of stars. -Somatomancy: There are signs in the body. 2-Humans take the initiative 3-Dreams/Direct contact between two sides. Oracles are experiments that are conducted to know the will of the supernatural....
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