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1 Benziger Family Winery : EMS Development and Implementation * Matt Atkinson, Ranch Manager at Benziger Family Winery, was overseeing the development of the winery’s environmental management system (EMS). Matt was working with Chris Benziger, Partner and National Sales Manager to ensure that development of the EMS was consistent with Benziger’s operational and strategic direction. It was February, 2003 and Matt and Chris had already invested countless hours in the EMS, which was being developed with assistance from the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA). Through their EMS Winery Pilot Project, Cal/EPA hoped to design an EMS template that eventually could be made available to other wineries. Furthermore, Cal/EPA was attempting to develop a template that was consistent with ISO 14001, an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. Cal/EPA had selected Benziger Family Winery in June, 2000 as one of two pilot wineries, because of their established commitment to environmental pro-action and the significant environmental advances they had already made. Matt believed that considerable progress had been made on Benziger’s EMS. Benziger Family Winery, with Cal/EPA’s assistance, had developed a formal environmental policy, identified and prioritized their environmental impacts and established objectives and targets. However, there were still many steps to be carried out in establishing a full-fledged EMS. Further development would require time consuming efforts in writing standardized operating procedures and in establishing document control and record keeping procedures. Also, because Matt and Chris had been the primary participants developing the system, the rest of the organization would have to become involved, and staff training would be required. In light of * This case was prepared by Murray Silverman, Professor of Management in the College of Business at San Francisco State University and Tom Lanphar, Senior Hazardous Substances Scientist in the Department of Toxic Substances Control at California EPA. The authors gratefully acknowledge a Business and International Education (BIE) grant from the U.S. Department of Education and a matching grant from the College of Business at San Francisco State University in support of this case research. Copyright 2003 by the authors. Not for distribution without permission.
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2 the financial investments and time that would be required from management and employees, Matt and Chris had to decide whether to aggressively pursue ISO 14001 certification. The alternative was to continue to develop an EMS as time and resources permitted, leaving open the possibility of eventually pursuing ISO 14001. Benziger Family Winery’s History Mike Benziger, general partner and founder of Benziger Family Winery, grew up working in his father’s wine import business in New York City. His dream was to grow his own grapes and make his own wine. Mike is the eldest of Helen and Bruno Benziger’s seven children.
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Benziger_final - Benziger Family Winery: EMS Development...

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