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BUS 682 Professor Silverman Sample Quiz Questions Explain the concept of triple bottom line. In the Cruise Ship case, which stakeholders have the most power? Explain. Why is it important for a business to take all stakeholders into account? What is the primary point in the article – First Emerging Driver, A perfect Storm of Threats? In the Stride Rite case, what socially responsible initiatives did Stride Rite take for its employee stakeholders? Explain two. Which type of investor causes the most problem for CEOs in developing strategic plans? a. Shareholders seeking short-term gains b. Institutional investors c. Shareholders willing to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term income
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Unformatted text preview: d. Employees who own stock e. Global investors who dont understand the business Briefly explain your choice. Overall, evidence supports that social responsibility a. is unrelated to the performance of a business. b. is good for a firms reputation, but has little effect on performance. c. negatively affects a firms performance because it increases costs and reduces profits. d. is positively associated with return on investment, return on assets, and sales growth. e. works well in theory, but is hard to implement in business. Briefly explain your choice....
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BUS_682Sample_qz - d. Employees who own stock e. Global...

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