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Professor Silverman BUS 682 Fall 2011 Discussion Questions MOVIE: “The Corporation” 1. Corporate Personhood - How did corporations, which were originally very limited in terms of scope, power and rights, acquire the rights of an individual person in our society? 2. Corporations as Pathological – Corporations have many of the rights enjoyed by individuals in our society. The movie argues that if the corporation is like an individual person, it could easily be viewed as a psychopathic individual. What is the basis for this argument? 3. Is the video a fair description of the large corporation? Why or Why not? Cruise Ship Questions 1. Who are the significant stakeholders? 2. What is their stake? 3. How much influence do they have in this issue? Stride Rite Discussion Questions 1. Identify three Stride Rite social initiatives that incurred financial expenses and/or investments for Stride Rite. What impact did the added expenses have on Stride Rite’s bottom line. 2. Critics of Stride Rite suggest that the company's outsourcing strategies are not socially responsible. Do you agree? Be prepared to debate this question. Note: Typically we think of the ‘bottom line’ as being the financial bottom line, but we can also think about the idea of a social bottom line. When we think about the financial bottom line we are looking at the financial value added to the firm’s owners/stockholders. What then, might be the definition of ‘social bottom line’? “First Emerging Driver: A Perfect Storm of Threats” 1. Be prepared to explain the concerns of the ‘five demanding stakeholders’. Identify two industries that are the most likely to be negatively impacted by these mega-forces? Be prepared to explain your reasoning.
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2. Are the sustainability issues raised in the chapter – threats or opportunities? Provide two examples of industries that may reap opportunities as a result of these mega-forces and demanding stakeholders. “Second Emerging Driver: Compelling Business Value” 1. Be prepared to explain how a company’s financial value can be increased through sustainable business practices. 2. Identify two reasons why it might be difficult to convince upper management to commit time or money to specific environmental or social initiatives? What arguments would you use to try to overcome upper management’s Kimpton Hotels Case 1. What is the ‘business case’ for Kimpton’s EarthCare program? (i.e. can the program be justified based on profitability considerations). 2.
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DiscQ_s_Fall2011 - Professor Silverman BUS 682 Fall 2011...

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