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English 410 Fall, 2003 Research essay outline: Title: Should we support Governor Davis’ Tax Proposals? Research question: How will Governor Davis’ tax proposals affect California taxpayers? Purpose: I would like to inform people about Governor Davis’ tax increase proposals so they can decide whether or not they will be good for Californians. Introduction: There is an estimated $34.6 billion budget deficit through June 2004 in California. In Governor Davis’ tax increase proposals, income taxes, sales tax and cigarette tax are scheduled to increase in order to bridge part of the deficit gap. The income taxes and sales tax, the two major components of the $8.3 billion target, are my focuses in this research. Because Internet sales are so popular nowadays in most of the households, I desire to bring up the Internet sales tax issue here also. Thesis: There are advantages and disadvantages if the income and sales taxes are scheduled to increase as well as the Internet sales tax are imposed. Different groups of people will benefit or hurt with each of the changes. Body: 1) Income taxes The increase on income taxes would hike levy on the wealthiest a) In the income taxes increase proposal, it is suggested to raise the upper bracket income taxes to bring in $2.6 billion (Gladstone, Mercury News Sacramento Bureau, Mar 02, 2003). b) Assemblyman John Dutra, D-Fremont said that it is not a heavy hit on the high income tax taxpayers, and it is even lighter if the federal government adopts the president’s economic stimulus proposal (Lucas and Gledhill, SF Chronicle, Jan 10, 2003, pA1). c) Annette Nellen, a tax professor at San Jose State, concluded that increasing the
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Research_Outline_--_Raise_Taxes - English 410 Fall, 2003...

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