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IMAGES OF HEALTH Exploring Acupuncture: Ancient Ideas, Modern Techniques Elizabeth Fee, Theodore M. Brown, Jan Lazarus, and Paul Theerman THIS TECHNICIAN IS demonstrating the use of lasers to stimulate acu- puncture points. Accord- ing to the theory of tradi- tional Chinese medicine, health is a state of bal- ance between yang and yin, and between the 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.' Life energy, or gi flows through the meridians of the body and may be ac- cessed at several hun- dred points. The skilled acupuncturist is able to restore balance by using selected points to adjust the energy flow. Traditional medicine uses very fine needles or heated herbs (moxibustion), but the Chinese are now experi- menting with a variety of stimu- lation techniques, including low- voltage electricity, laser beams, and sonar rays. The traditional Chinese system of meridians does not correspond with any anatomical structures recognized by Western medicine. David Eisenberg, the first Ameri- can medical exchange student sent to China in 1979, reflects on the difficulty of translating be- tween the 2 incommensurable
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